San Francisco Accelerator


1Accelerator attendees will be partially funded when joining the Accelerator and receive follow on funding after graduation. Funding is provided by business angels at fair valuations. In addition to the follow on funding you may initiate a private placement on our US SEC and Swiss FINMA compliant fundraising platform.


2The accelerator programs are focused on deliverables on the business side. We work with you on your business culture, talent acquisition, product-market-fit, go to market strategy, business model development, growth strategies. presentation techniques and all necessary capitalization efforts.


3Mentors who successfully built companies from zero to exit now help entrepreneurs to build exceptional businesses. Top mentors share their experience, ignite new ideas and help weave networks, provide insights in team composition, offer pitch training and a whole slew of techniques.

Going Global

4Going global is for most entrepreneurs the ultimate frontier of scaling and winning global markets. With our own experience growing businesses around the world, we offer the most unique acceleration program for growth stage companies. We help you go global in 365 days with the help of our own global network.

Growth Stage Accelerator

While most startup accelerators focusing on very early stage startups helping young entrepreneurs move from idea stage to build a base for their company, we are helping early stage companies who plan to grow to a substantial business do exactly that.

We help entrepreneurs solidify their vision and move from a lean startup model and pivoting to follow a bold vision and. Topics include forward looking capitalization strategy, forming disruptive business models, creating and executing a go-to-market strategy using zero budget marketing methods, viral marketing techniques and social selling methods.

Candidates can expect to get funding before starting the accelerator and receive follow on funding after graduating.


Providing the best possible guidance to help entrepreneurs grow and scale as fast as necessary to win their respective markets.




San Francisco Accelerator is a second generation Accelerator for highly innovative growth stage businesses. Founded 2014 in San Francisco by successful entrepreneurs, the accelerator boasted one of the highest funding rates for its graduates and was named top 100 most influential global accelerator in the world. In 2016 the Accelerator moved to Europe to be better accessible for entrepreneurs from all over the world.

The founders of Society3 and associated advisers are successful serial entrepreneurs now helping innovative entrepreneurs turn great ideas into economic success, create new jobs and prosperity for the society. online:





Axel Schultze - CEO Marita Roebkes - Entrepreneurs Community Manager
Axel Schultze  Founder and CEO of Society3 Group. Prior founder and CEO of  WebStock AG, pioneering equity crowdfunding, founder and CEO of Infinigate AG (IT Security) and CEO of Computer 2000, which grew to $5 Billion in revenue and merged with TechData. Marita Roebkes Co-Founder and VP of Society3 Group. Prior she was Co-Founder of WebStock (Equity Crowdfunding), co-founder  Infinigate (IT security), Her career included various sales, marketing and operations roles in the Hotel, Travel & Tourism industry



George Parrish - Mentor George Parrish Helps you refine your pitch. Startup Mentor, Seasoned sales executive

Society3 US Leadership Team

Eric Milliken - Mentor Eric Milliken
Lawyer at SutterLaw focused on Startup setup and creating new rules for online fundraising. US Leadership Team
Eric Trabold Mentor Eric Trabold
Entrepreneur and sales executive helping startups build a sales pipe.  US Leadership Team
Axel Schultze, lead mentor Axel Schultze,
5x entrepreneur, investor, helping develop a holistic strategy, traction and getting funded
 Dieter Kondek Mentor Dieter Kondeck, serial entrepreneur, investor, helps you with business plan development, deal structure and company setup Marita Roebkes - Mentor Marita Roebkes
serial entrepreneur, helps women entrepreneurs with business development, marketing, social media, traction development.
Bettina Vossberg - Mentor Bettina Vossberg
entrepreneur, investor, helping you on the B2B market development side and fundraising
Doug Barre - Mentor Doug Barre
Helps you with technology resourcesGeeks for less Investor Club Several startups Several executive positions
Sylvian Theveniaudserial - Mentor Sylvain Theveniaudserial entrepreneur from France, helps you develop your business plans and more.
Rick Thau - Mentor Rick Thau, Former VC, entrepreneur, helping you structure your business, finance, and planning. Derek Henninger - Mentor Derek Henninger, Entrepreneur, CTO, helping you with software architecture and scaling challenges Stephen Wright Stephen Wright,
Investor, Mentor, former Tech Executive, helps you build a profound sales & marketing organization.


Investor Networks
We are working with influential investor networks such as angel groups, family offices, institutional investors and wealth management groups to aggregate the funding needed to fund virtually any small or big capital needs.

Mentor Partnerships
We are working with independent mentors who meet the requirements of having the experience starting and exiting their own business in the past or providing very specialized know how such as legal or tax expertise or other hard to find industry specific know how.

Co-Working Space Partnership
The San Francisco Accelerator is collaborating in partnership with co-working spaces around the world. Co-working Space Partners benefit by being able to offer the full range of our mentorship, education, and technology program to their companies.

Industry Partnership
We are also working with industry partners and corporate investors to create synergies between highly innovative startups and corporate needs to be better involved in latest technology.


If you are interested, in joining our mission, helping more startups to fulfill their dreams, please contact us at  



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